They say knowledge is power

I know a lot about nails and all things manicure BUT I am never too old to learn.

2017 is all about expanding my horizons and learning new things.  This year I intend to visit a few new destinations, attend a few beauty courses and spend my free time reading text books rather than the traditional novel. 

Although this means that my time spent watching Sky box sets and Netflix series may be reduced, I will now be full of wisdom and ready to share my pearls of wisdom with all those that will be willing to listen. 

My first book is “Face to Face with Doug Schoon” contains “science and facts about nails and nail products for the educationally inclined. I have yet to finish this book but it has inspired me to write a new blog post…Ta-da!! 

Free From Nail Polish

Recently nail polish companies have started to shout about the fact that their products are “5-free and 7-free”. 

As a Therapist that only uses professional brands. I have always been impressed that my chosen nail brand “Jessica” is one of the original companies whose polishes do not contain any of the following:



💅Formaldehyde Resin

💅Ethyl Tosylamide




Some of the ingredients listed above are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other hormonal imbalances and abnormalities.  Large concentrations can cause us serious health problems.

Another USP of the Jessica Nail polish is also the added bonus that their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

What did I learn?

On a tube ride home I was engrossed in Mr Schoon’s responses to nail techs from all around the globe and was very interested to learn this very important fact!

Doug Schoon scientific nail guru explains that most products do not contain ingredients such as Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP and that all modern nail polishes are equal. He states that most of these ingredients are a naturally occurring chemical reaction to some of the other ingredients in these products and if they are found to be present, the percentage contained in a nail polish is of a very minimal amount.

Although I love the fact that my chosen brand does not contain any of these potentially harmful ingredients you can rest assured that the wonderful pastime of nail painting may affect your bank balance but it won’t be detrimental health.

If that does not want make you want to book a manicure then I don’t know what will.