Janine-Headshot-SQ-low-resAbout Janine

Intense Training

Janine studied Beauty Therapy at the prestigious London College of Beauty Therapy in 2007 in Central London.  Janine packed her suitcases and left for the intense and rigourous Steiner Academy training to work as a beauty therapist at sea.

Fantastic Experience

It was a fantastic experience that took her to many corners of the globe including Australia the beautiful pacific islands, the Caribbean and Europe.  Working at sea allowed her to master her craft providing various massage techniques to the highest standard with the perfect surroundings of the deep blue sea in a 5 star spa environment.

Highly Skilled

After acquiring many skills at sea Janine was fortunate enough to progress into management.  Guiding, training and motivating less experienced therapists and molding them to be the best, she was able to successfully create a busy spa that was once failing.

Being a city girl, Janine wanted to manage a big city business.  Finally the challenge came the best waxing salon in Chelsea gave her the opportunity of managing a booming boutique salon on Fulham road.

Jumping Ship

Deciding that nothing beats having a direct impact on an individual’s wellbeing Janine decided that it was time to embark on a new journey.  Comforts health and beauty was born.

Comforts allows its users to relax and unwind in the comfort of their own home or office, in addition to offering group sessions such as pamper parties or special events.

The Mission

Janine has a mission to provide each and every client that uses Comforts Health and Beauty the opportunity to experience and enjoy a state of physical ease and freedom from pain and constraint in their everyday lives…That’s the definition of Comforts!

We currently offer the following beauty services