A treatment solution for cracked heels

March marks the the start of spring, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to rise.  It is the perfect time to introduce our new “MediPedi” to put a spring back in your step.  Its almost summer, making this a ideal treatment for your cracked heels.

What is footlogix?

Footlogix is the worlds first PEDICEUTICAL® mousse foot care line. It is the brainchild of Dr Von Gavel, a pioneer within the foot care industry. Since 1982 she has worked as a speaker and educator.  She holds degrees in podology, chiropody and dermatology.

Footlogix Pedicure Range

How does it work?

Footlogix is  able to absorb faster and deeper in to the feet making it ideal for cracked heel or peeling feet, thanks to the patented “Dermal Infusion Technology®”.  This special delivery system is very effective, showing visible results in just a few days.

The ingredients  provide hydration and balance the PH levels in the feet.  The range is safe for diabetics, during pregnancy and for those that have product sensitivities.

“Transformational to the foot care industry”

The range is great for use by clients suffering from diabetes, it is proven to help with the associated side effects.

Whats in the can?

The main ingredient is vegan urea. Urea is naturally found in the body and helps to moisturise and hydrate the skin.  The homecare products are mostly in the form of a light fluffy mousse making them much more hygienic for application as you don’t have to put your fingers into a jar. They absorb easily in to skin and do not leave behind any greasy residue.

The entire at home range and treatments are available to purchase directly from us.

Don’t be embarrassed to unleash your feet in your sandals when summertime finally greets us.

Take action and book your footlogix pedicure today!!