We have been told there is a global pandemic

We have found ourselves in a very unsettling situation following this recent worldwide coronavirus health pandemic. I still feel like I’m dreaming or an extra in some end of the world blockbuster. 

pen writing a letter

 I have always taken great care when it comes to cleaning and sanitation and many of my  existing clients will know that it has always been a best practice of mine.  Washing my hands is not a new pastime!

Many of my mobile clients have become accustomed to the fact that many of the items used in my treatments are single use and those that are not are cleaned and sanitised in between each client and sterilised at the end of the day.  Fresh laundered towels are always provided at each visit.

What is being done as we enter this coronavirus pandemic

Following recent events I have been taking extra precautions such as wiping my bottles, containers, card reader and massage table with industry surface disinfectant wipes before and after each treatment.  In addition to standard industry best practices.

I will continue to follow these extra precautions whilst we continue to be on high alert.

We all need to work together to limit the transmission of this virus.  If you are feeling unwell or any member of your household is experiencing any of the symptoms that require isolation please contact to reschedule your appointment.

The next few weeks/months will be very stressful and there may still be a need for you to look for my wellness services that will allow you to feel a little better, physically and mentally whilst reducing the amount of interaction you have with the outside world.  I know I am feeling anxious with all the uncertainty right now.

Whilst I am fit, able and allowed to work I will still be offering mobile beauty services.  

What is changing?

Whilst we are all working to reduce the numbers of people currently being effected by covid-19, I will introduce some additional precautions to my daily operations.

We will both be expected to wash our hands at the start of the treatment.

Cash will not be accepted –  payments will be taken only by card or direct transfer.

Those that have been recommend to self isolate by the NHS should avoid booking any appointments.  If you are feeling unwell please cancel your appointment.  If I am unwell I will also cancel this may be at short notice.

A mutual understanding is required with things constantly changing.

You might see me a little more on social media.  This is the first time In a long time that I have had the extra time on my hands.  Interact with me. I too am doing a little social distancing, living by myself it’s starting to feel a little too distant!

Those that feel that they are not able to continue to with their treatments at this moment in time please stay in touch you will be missed.

I have put together a few offers that can be purchased online giving you a little something to look forward to if you have to wait a little longer than usual for your next visit. Some will be available for a limited period but will valid for the next 18months.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past 6 years its a very emotional time right now filled with lots uncertainty but I am sure we will be looking back at it very soon and thinking WTF, did that really happen!!

Thanks and take care,


****Updated 04/04/2020 – The government has updated their guidelines regarding social distancing.  As a result there will be no appointments available until further notice****