New Year New You

As a new year approaches, some of us tend use the time to reflect on the year that has past.  It’s a time to set new resolutions for the year ahead.  Did you achieve everything that you wanted to in 2019? How about the last decade??!!

organiser with flowers in the background

Did you get that promotion?  Travel to all the destinations that you hoped you would?  Embark on that budding new romance?  Hit the gym much? Did you up your skincare game?

Our skin accounts for 16% of our overall body weight.  It is one of the most underrated organs of the human body.  The skins main function is to act a barrier and protect the body’s internal organs.  The skin is affected by many outside factors causing premature ageing,  issues with pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.

As we get older the rate our skin turns over starts to reduce.  Typically the skin renews its self every 30 days but as we age it can take up to 90.

What should you be doing with your skin

Start small.  If you do not have a current skin care routine its important not to get overwhelmed.  Don’t try to do too much at the start as you might find that you are unable to stick with your routine.


Wash your face to remove the impurities of the day.  Teamed with active ingredients you can help to reduce pigmentation issues, brighten your complexion and improve hydration.


Address your skin concerns with a product that is designed to work towards making it better!  Look for active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to do what they claim. If you are concerned about acne or breakouts consider salicylic acid. An BHA proven to penetrate through surface oil and exfoliate your pores its great solution for spots .  Retinol or Vitamin A (See Post) increases cell turnover so it will help to reduce line and wrinkles, even out the surface of the skin.


Hyaluronic Acid (see post) hold up to 10 times its weight in water, great for hydration. Regardless of your skin type you need to ensure that you are hydrating your skin.  Dehydrated skin has a tendency to produce more oil so its important to ensure that you are giving it everything that it needs.


Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from the suns damaging rays.  Look for SPF products that contain titanium dioxide and Zinc as they are natural reflectors.  This will do a much better job at reflecting those harmful rays.