Relax | Unwind | Destress

60 Minutes £57

90 Minutes £82

Using a light to medium pressure tailored to help you to relax and unwind.  Concentrating on your main areas of concern helping to clear your mind and leave you feeling revived and re-energised. Designed for relaxation a Swedish massage is a great selection for those looking to relax.

60 Minutes £62 

90 Minutes £87

Using a medium to firm pressure we work on a much deeper level.   Using forearms and elbows this is great for those that have an active lifestyle. Stretching techniques are a great antidote for helping to loosen up those tense and tired muscles. Designed to release your muscle tension a Deep Tissue massage is a great selection for those that are a little more active and need to loosen up.

60 Minutes £67

90 Minutes £92 

The creme de la creme of treatments, using heated basalt stones this treatment is great for warming those tense and tired muscles without the pain of a deep tissue.  The hot stones are known to give their energy resulting in a calm yet uplifting experience.  Designed to release tension and relax you on a much deeper level this massage is great selection for those that are looking for the best of both worlds.

Not sure what massage will suit you best?  Select your time slot and the duration of the treatment that you would like to have and contact us to discuss.

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