Skin Needling – Collagen Induction

Reduce the lines and wrinkles and stimulate those new skin cells

As the years roll by you will start to notice changes in the appearance and condition of your skin. Each decade our skin requires us to address different concerns.  the lines and wrinkles start to set in and get a bit deeper as the years roll by.

Why micro needling?

Changes caused by external factors like UV exposure and pollution can cause us to develop the dark spots referred to as pigmentation.  Sun damage can cause the shin to get thicker and feel more leathery.  Lines and wrinkles will develop.

Internal factors such as a loss of bone density and elasticity, a reduction in elastin in the skins fibres and a slower rate of collagen production cause cause our skin to sag, loose its ability to snap back and develop deeper lines and wrinkles.

What is micro needling?

Micro-needling is the holy grail of facial treatments, also known as collagen induction therapy we can treat anything from acne to hair loss.

Microscopic insertions are made on the skins surface using a sterile automated device. The principle behind this treatment is to kick start the skin into producing new skin cells which in turn stimulates hormone growth factors (all the good stuff that promotes new skin).

Depending on the reason for your treatment.  Your treatment will be combined with a cocktail of ingredients that are specifically designed to penetrate into the top layers of the skin and help to enhance the results of your treatment.  Hyaluronic acid tends to be found in most of the mesotherapy cocktails used in this type of treatment as it is extremely hydrating. Other ingredients such as Vitamin C to brighten and Retinol to soften the skin and improve radiance.

Some results may be instant, however the best improvements will be seen up to 1 month after your treatment.  You will be provided with a treatment plan based on your individual needs following an initial  consultation.

Micro-needling has been proven to treat the following:


Fine lines & Wrinkles

Stretch Marks

Hair Loss



Large pores

This treatment can be combined with other facial treatments to enhance the results.