The A to Z of Waxing

The next wax is something that we dread no matter how many times you have experienced it before.  Its always recommended to have your waxing done by a professional it will be very beneficial for you in terms of the results you will expect.

Here are some hints and tips for before, during and after your wax to get the best results possible.


It is important that you prepare the area to be treated beforehand for best results.

If shaving is your preferred method of hair removal then it is important to note that the hair should be a certain length if you want a perfect finish.

As a general rule hairs should be between ¼ and ½ inch. Hot Wax will achieve good results if the hairs are shorter compared to areas waxed with strip wax.

If you shave regularly it is best to leave 2-3 weeks before you embark on your waxing adventure!

On the morning of your appointment it is recommended that you exfoliate the area to be treated. Rather than go out and buy an expensive body scrub the ingredients for the perfect scrub can be found in the kitchen cupboard.

Sugar & Olive Oil is a fantastic homemade body scrub that is safe to use on the body but best if you avoid the face.


If you are nervous there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your treatment goes as smooth as possible.

In the hands of a great beauty therapist you have nothing to worry about.

When booking intimate areas ensure you request your appointment with someone that is experienced.

If you are worried about the pain factor try this to make the experience as painless as possible.

  • Topical anesthetic –From your local pharmacist applied onto the area 30 minutes before your treatment to exterminate the sting.

Try to relax as much as possible during your treatment. A good therapist may strike up a conversation with you to keep you distracted (my secret weapon). Certain positions will help you to stretch the skin, you may be asked to help out a little.  Preventing any unnecessary bruising.

Hygiene practices should be observed, this will reduce cross contamination and avoid infections occurring due to poor steralisition and sanatisation.

Comforts Health and Beauty uses some of the industry’s top brands for waxing.

Australian Body Care a cartridge based system with a new applicator used for each client. Is designed in such a way that the angle of the dispenser means that the wax will not fall back into the tube making it an extremely hygienic system.

Australian body care waxing pot

Jax wax– Premium vegan wax from Australia, takes the ouch out of waxing. We use a spatula but never double dip reducing cross contamination between clients.


After care lotion helps to calm, cool and sooth the area. It is best that you avoid any activity that involves overheating for at least 24 hours. Do not apply any other products onto the area.

Exfoliate after 3 days to help keep the skin smooth and remove the build up of dead cells. Exfoliate at least once per week in-between waxing sessions.

It is best to treat against ingrown hairs before the hairs grow back.

Salicylic acid acts like a pore exfoliator, encouraging the hairs to come out. Treatments should be applied daily until the hairs have grown through. You may notice some shedding of the skin this is normal. Exfoliate and moisturise frequently to encourage normal re- growth. Once hairs have grown through stop using until your next appointment.

Treating ingrown hairs

The best way to control your ingrown hairs is to exfoliate and moisturise on a regular basis.  This helps to shed away dead cells blocking your pores and encourages your hairs to lift up from your skin.  If your ingrown hairs are a little more problematic, Salicylic Acid will be the key.  Salicylic Acid is an oil soluble liquid exfoliator, this makes it possible for it to unblock your pores and encourage the hairs straight out.

Enjoy smooth soft skin for the next 4-6 weeks. For best results book your next waxing appointment in advance so that you get into a routine.

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