Waxing the perfect solution for the summer holidays

You might have neglected your hair removal routine over the winter. Thick tights, jeans and leggings hide a multitude of sins after all. Buts as we are in the full swing of summer and you are planning a getaway to the beach it is the opportunity to bare all.  This blog post highlights some of the benefits of getting a wax, before your big trip.

Its kind to your skin

It’s easy to whip out the razor in the shower but how many times have you nicked yourself and ended up with a bloody towel and a bit of toilet roll stuck to your ankle?

It’s even more painful if you’re trying to tidy up your nether regions and you catch a sensitive area. We’ve all been there… shaving also increases your risk of infection from bacteria because we don’t use a new razor each time, do we?

Waxing eliminates the risk of infection, cuts and nicks in one swipe. You might feel the ‘ouch’ at first but any soreness will soon disappear and even better, you won’t have to think about It again for a few weeks, because it takes a while for the hairs to grow back.

legs in swimming pool

Waxing Vs shaving and hair removal creams

Shaving slices hair off at the surface of the skin and creams only go to skin level. Waxing pulls the hair out at its root, so it figures that it will take longer for it to grow back again.

If you have to shave every day or two to avoid regrowth, you can expect at least two weeks of fuss free hairlessness before you have to book another waxing treatment. Shaving can irritate your skin, and strong chemicals are never a great idea in sensitive areas, so book a wax and be kind to your skin.

Did you know that salon waxes often come with lovely moisturising ingredients too? This means your skin is softened ready for the waxing, making it less uncomfortable and leaving skin softer that it would be after a shave.

Waxing hurts less if you do it more often

Be honest – if you’ve never been waxed before, is it the pain that puts you off? We’re not going to lie, it will hurt a bit. But you can take a couple of painkillers pre-treatment and it will help. Also, if you have regular waxing treatments, you’ll find the hair grows back thinner, and over time your body adapts to the quick jolt of pain you get as the waxing is carried out and after a while you get used to it. Honest!

Therapists are specially trained to wax as quickly and effectively as possible so any discomfort is always kept to a minimum.

Reduction in ingrowing hairs!

Because shaving cuts the hair off at skin level, sometimes hairs can get trapped under the skin and start to grow inwards, which causes unsightly bumps and even nasty infections which are more common in the bikini area. Nasty. There’s much less chance of this with a waxing treatment, because hair is taken out at the root and grows back thinner.

So, when you’re thinking about your summer beauty routine, book yourself in for a wax. You’ll end up with lovely smooth, hair-free skin which stays that way for longer than if you’d just shaved in the shower.


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