What is going on?

Skincare can be a minefield!  If you’re reading this blog and you like to have a facial, we can safely assume that you like to keep your skin in good condition.

It’s easy to forget the small things, and with so much conflicting advice, how can you be sure that you’re doing all you can to keep your skin healthy?

We all let things slip sometimes – not drinking enough water, stocking up on junk food or that night when we fall into bed after a late night and can’t be bothered to take our makeup off. Occasional slip ups aren’t going to do much long-term damage.

However, there are some skincare mistakes that could, over time, stop you from getting the glowing skin you deserve.

Here’s our top four ‘stop that right now’ tips.

Sticking with the same skincare routine for EVER

One of the most common skincare mistakes women often make is to find a product, brand or routine they like – and stick with it. Our skincare needs change as we get older, because of lifestyle, hormonal changes and more. What worked for us at 25 might be counterproductive in our thirties or forties.

In our twenties, our skin is usually in good condition. There may be a bit of acne or oily skin left from the teenage years but generally, it’s looking good.

In our thirties, we start to see the very early signs of ageing, lost hydration and perhaps a fine lines. If you haven’t used moisturiser regularly you really need to start in your thirties, add an eye cream too as this is likely to be where the first signs of ageing start to creep in.

By our forties, we start to see the results of lifestyle as well as hormonal changes. If you’ve not invested in professional skincare by the time you hit your forties you should probably start thinking about it.

Evaluate your skincare routine with every major life change (pregnancy, menopause) and as you get older.

Making your skincare routine too complicated

Less is more! If you use too many products it can have the opposite effect to the one you’re looking for. Simple and effective is the best way. If you overdo the skincare products you could even damage your skin’s barrier and upset the pH balance, leading to sensitivity or breakouts – making over experimentation one of the most expensive skincare mistakes.

You don’t have to try every new product on the market, and when you do try something new, introduce it gradually and stick with it for at least six weeks. Any less and you won’t see real results.

Comforts Health and Beauty are here for advice if you’re not sure.Lady having a facial at home

Thinking that skincare products can undo lifestyle damage

A great skincare routine can only go so far. There’s really no point in spending your money on regular facials and the best possible home care products if you smoke, don’t eat well and drink excessively. And if you don’t use sun protection you may as well forget seeing the effects of even the most effective skincare products.

Start with a balanced, healthy diet and a skincare routine that’s suited to you (ask your therapist for recommendations) and remember the top four lifestyle factors that affect your skin:

  • Limit your UV exposure
  • Don’t drink excessively or smoke at all
  • Try to reduce your stress levels if possible
  • Make time for sleep – a tired you makes for tired skin
  • Protect your skin against environmental stress and pollution

Not having regular facial treatments

Good quality skincare products are a must but there’s no underestimating the benefits of a regular professional skincare treatment for boosting your skin’s condition. A professional facial doesn’t just make you feel good, it will deep clean your skin to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Facial massage gets your circulation going for a lovely rosy glow, and effective products help to intensively hydrate and treat any skin problems.

Contact us to book your next professional facial treatment, your face will thank you for it.