Is the lockdown affecting your mental health?

Your mental health is so important especially at this precise moment in time.  2020 is a year that has thrown so much at us and it is only April.

So much time is spent focusing on our physical health that many of us fail to address the issues that take their toll on our minds.

Now more than ever, we must think about the importance of our mental health and try to identify ways that we can ensure that we are able to take control of our thoughts and emotions at this extremely challenging time.

Before this pandemic, some of us were already trying to deal with the pressures that modern life placed on us. Trying to establish a work, life balance.  Coping with everything being perfect on our social media feeds and trying to navigate our way through the challenges placed on us by modern dating.

Social distancing has immediately stopped our lives as we previously knew them for a temporary period of time.  For some of us this has been extremely difficult and we may be struggling to adopt this this new way of life.

What can you do?

Firstly it is important to understand this this situation is unique to all of us. The best way that we should deal with it is unknown as no one living on this earth today has every lived through such an event.  I wanted to take this time to share some of the things that I have found helpful during this period of emotional uncertainty.


I am sure that you have heard it many times try and stick to your routine as much as possible.  Wake up at the same time especially during the week to ensure that you can at least keep your body clock ticking to its usual time zone. Most importantly don’t forget to make your bed!


There is never a problem that you cannot fix by playing your favourite tunes and having a little dance to produce those endorphins.  What songs make you feel good? Make a play list and play it every day if it makes you feel better.

Keep in touch

Self isolation does not have to be isolating.  Pick up the phone and speak to people.  Keep in touch with friends and family. Now we have so much time on our hands we can catch up with the girls.  Pour a tasty G&T and have a natter. Technology like zoom is also great for arranging those weekly family catch ups.

I have even been keeping in touch with some of my amazing clients during this time because I have come to really value the relationships that I have built with them and it makes me feel better to keep in touch.  If you have been furloughed. Keep in touch with your colleagues.  It is important to maintain those relationships so we can continue to build them when we come through this


How are you feeling during this time? What are you doing? Do you have some great ideas buzzing around in your mind?  Write it down. Make a video.  Document how you felt in this time.  What are you doing?  Track your progress, how does it make you feel.  It could serve as a way to make it through this process and helping you to achieve your goals.

Its ok to not feel ok!

Its ok if you don’t feel like doing much.  There is no pressure to be perfect.  Being home for some many hours can take its toll. Especially if your not used to it.  Think you need a day on the sofa aka duvet day?  Go ahead and enjoy it!  If you need a boost try some if the tips that have already been mentioned.  Find something that makes you FEEL better and remember tomorrow is another day.

Lady holding her head and eyes appearing stressed


Exercise releases endorphins.  The hormone that makes you feel better. A natural mood booster created by the human body which can have a positive effect on your mental health.  So many personal trainers are streaming exercise programs online.  If you need to get out and grab a dose of fresh air go for a run. If you are new to this, why not try couch to 5K to support you along the way.



Taking time to sit with your thoughts.  Focus on your breathing or even pray.  If it works for you do it. Find a time that suits. I find starting the morning off with some meditation music while I concentrate on my breathing, really helps to centre me for the day.  Sometimes I like to add a little bit of Pilates or affirmations depending on my mood, really helps me to feel better.

I previously wrote a blog post about the importance of self care and mindfulness.

Need to speak to someone? Contact The Samaritans they are alway open! Concerned about your mental health?  Mind have many online resources if you are struggling to cope.

These are just a few things that I have found helpful during this time.  Let me know if you have found any of these helpful or if there is anything you feel that I should add.

Stay home and stay safe,