What will the winter do to your skin and nails?

At the time of writing I am stuck indoors on my finals days due to a tropical storm that has been aptly named “Matthew” on the sandy shores of Barbados.  I highly recommend this destination but stay away from hurricane season as the beach time might be cut short.

The weather has caused me to think about life back home (sadly) and the impending cold spell that we are all about to endure.

Many of my clients  have similar concerns, a byproduct of the bad weather.

This blog post is designed to give you a few hints and tips on how to combat the cold and minimise it effects on your skin and nails.
As we approach the coldest season of  them all the temperatures have begun to fall.   We start to increase the layers and consider switching on the central heating.

The Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and can sometimes be forgotten underneath the several layers that you need to keep warm. The central heating dehydrates the skin and the frost causes it to chip, crack and peel.

The best remedy to prevent dry skin is to drink plenty of water, as the body will loose essential fluids, this is not a pastime reserved for the summer months but must be maintained all the way through the year.

Exfoliation will help to shed away any dry skin cells allowing moisturisers to penetrate deeper into the skins surface.

A change of season it the best time to rotate your skin care products. Switching a lighter facial moisturiser to that of a much thicker consistence with help to protect the skin against harsh winds and failing temperatures. From experience I would highly recommend the Hydrodynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream from Dr. Murad.

Consider a serum or treatment oil to give your skin an extra boost for this I would suggest the ESPA Face treatment oils, which contain active ingredients that can be easily absorbed into the skin.

The Hands & Feet

Hands and feet should be moisturised daily to prevent them from getting dry. Investing in a good cuticle oil such as, Phenomenon Oil from Jessica will help to prevent peeling skin and nails, which may be dry and brittle.

TOP TIP: Apply moisturiser to your feet before going to bed and follow with socks to help hydrate them further, apply your cuticle oil before going to bed to ensure you don’t have to wash it away shortly after.

For cracked heels Zen Spa Heel Repair Crème works wonders, by helping to hydrate and repair tired heels. This can be used on the hands on in extreme circumstances.

If you feel like you need a little pick me up pop down to the travel agents and book yourself some winter sun I recommend Barbados. If that’s a little too far fetched I have many treatments that will warm you up and help you stay hydrated.

My top picks would be the mani-pedi with heated mitts, a Dr Murad facial or a delightful hot stone massage ensured to heat your cockles.